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Check These 4 Things when Choosing Flight School April 25, 2016

Flight SchoolIn search of work, one thing is very priority is salary. How not, the welfare of the working mainly influenced by income, so all the needs and desires can be achieved as expected. Even with a lucrative income performance of the work can be done with passion so the results can be maximized. If you aspire to work with other people instead of building their own business, it’s good if continuing studies in the pilot’s aviation world. Pilot profession is one of the professions which have relatively high incomes in the world. Is it true? Yes, in a year, the pilot can earn a salary of at least $ 21,000. The salary for the pilots who are just starting his career, while for pilots who already have flying hours and a high position it is possible to reach $ 40,000. It is a very lucrative salary, is not it? If you are interested in pursuing a career in the aviation world, the first step you should do is to pursue is to advance education in flight school. There, you can obtain maximum knowledge and skills so that it can be a reliable pilot. Check four things to choose the right flight school:


The school’s reputation becomes the most important thing in achieving a career in the future. Reputation for good schools would be very supportive in order to pass the selection phase of the administration when applying for a job in the airline. Meanwhile, when a school has been known bad reputation is not likely to be eliminated, especially with many competitors from high school that has a good reputation. Remember, if the reputation of poor school discipline eg less or cadet many unemployed graduates, would be in a bad stamp by another airline so that it can be a big problem if not examined properly.


Flying lesson cost, including one recognized field of education is very expensive. In fact, the cost is calculated at least $ 50,000. Although schools provide various attractive offers such as a mortgage or a bank loan also, still, the school fees should be considered more carefully again. If you already have the cost of preparation, make sure that the fee charged is the cost of the overall school, ranging from accommodation, food, transportation, uniforms, and so forth. Note that, if the cost of outside facilities eg uniforms and must pay an additional fee, it could be the cost of becoming increasingly booming. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with the school counselor flight in this case because the consultants so knows exactly a plus minus of many flight schools are there so that you are able to choose the right school.


Facilities such as laboratories, classrooms, simulators, airports, training aircraft, and so are the things that should be checked and confirmed that it unfit for use. Because these facilities are very full role in supporting the completion of education and expected duration. If the lack of adequate facilities such as training aircraft slightly, obviously this will hinder the process of flight training, so as to meet the targeted flight hours it took a long time. You can see the profile of flight schools directly to find information about the school.

Standard flight

What is important to check when choosing a school is the standard pilot flight. Each part of the world have a certain standard in the aviation world. As well as schools that use standard FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) among countries Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States, the CASA standard used in Australia and EASA standards are European countries. Highest standard is EASA, then CASA, and the most easily obtained is the FAA. Keep in mind that the higher the standard, the greater the chances of obtaining a job. Therefore, to obtain high standards takes longer, costs more expensive, and others so the ability and skills acquired is really the maximum.

Prioritize four points above in selecting pilot schools in order to dream of becoming a pilot reliable can be realized. Additionally, make sure you have good physical health and academic support capabilities in order to graduate school admission pilot. Keep in mind that a good pilot schools certainly much demand, the number of pilots were only a handful of acceptable course must have a good preparation in order to compete and passed the selection.

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Before Flying Plane February 18, 2016

Flying plane cannot be done carelessly. Pilot needs to focus on flight so passengers are safe to destination place. Before flying plane, pilots are required to calm down and feel relaxed so they can do their jobs as well as possible. Anyway, if you are a new pilot, what do you do before flying plane? If you are still confused, consider doing the following tips:


Follow meeting with your crews and airline staffs

Yup, before flying aircraft, pilots are required to do a meeting with crews and airline staffs. They will discuss with destination place, number of passengers, time to take of and be landing estimation, weather condition, number of crews and air hostess, and other important things. By following this meeting, you can know what you should and should not do. In other hand, if you you don’t do this, you will get difficulty in doing flight and be scolded by airline parties. Btw, this meeting is held 30 minutes before taking off.

Release your stress

If you feel depressed or stress out because of you personal problems, you should control yourself and think positively so you can release your stress. What if you still stress out? Entertain yourself by listening to favorite musics, chatting with your beloved ones, playing video games, watching funny videos, eating favorite foods, or taking a few minutes to take a rest. Whatever things that you want to do are, make sure that you don’t waste time because you have to do flight.

In other hand, if you let stress take over your mind and heart, you will lose concentration so your jobs will not be optimal. Realize that your profession is very dangerous because if you do any mistakes, you can harm or make passengers die. For instance, if you get out from flight path, plane can deal with turbulence and plane engine can get broken. If this happens, plane will fall down at last.

Pray to God

You need to know that God is everything. You can ask for security, comfort, health, and anyting to God. Unfortunately, not all people realize it. They assume that their life is their own. They are free to do anything. If you are not a religious person, you have to remain praying to God. By doing this, you can get peace and concentration so you can do your jobs well. The question is when or how to do this? It is easy because you can do this before doing good things. How? It depends on your religion and faith. No matter what is your religion is, pray to God seriously and sincerely.

Last but not least, you should double check all preparations before flying, such as: number of passengers, cargoes, air hosteses, and crews. Make sure that you maintain your concentration and follow all flight procedures as well as possible. If airline parties ask you not to fly plane because there are any problems at airport or flight track, you shoud listen to them and follow their instruction.

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Success Tips when Being Interviewed by Airlines January 19, 2016

interviewWhat do you feel if you are called by airline parties and they tell you that you deserve to follow interview test? Of course, you will feel very happy, right? Yup, interview test is the last test to determine whether you can join airline. This test is not easy because you are required to answer all questions from interviewers. All questions are definitely related to airline and your skill in flying aircraft. That is why you should prepare yourself as well as possible. Besides, you should do the following tips:

Wear tidy cloth

When coming to interview place, you should look tidy and clean. For this, wear tidy cloth. For men, you are highly suggested to wear long sleeve shirt and long pant. You may use tie and watch to increase your appearance. Meanwhile, for shoes, you should wear leather shoes, not running or sport shoes. For women, you should wear blazer, shirt, and skirt. While for shoes, you can wear black high heels. Make sure that you tidy your hair and use soft parfume. Btw, if airline parties ask you to wear shirt with certain color, follow that rule, okay!

Come on time

Airline parties definitely feel disappointed and annoyed if you come late. Realize that coming late is one of the forms of indiscipline. How can you come on time to office if you cannot come on time in interview test? This will bring bad effect for you. Yup, they will reduce your point and there is a big possibility that you will fail to join airline. What if you come late because you have important thing to do first? It is not a reason. Why don’t you do it a few hours before being interviewing? If you feel that the important thing is very useful, you should be willing to skip interview test and fail to join pilot school.

In other hand, if your home is located far away from interview place, come earlier. What if you are located in another city while airline parties tell you immediately? Tell them the truth so they can understand your condition. If they cannot accept any reasons, you should take the first flight in the morning so you can arrive in interview place on time.

Answer all questions well

There are many job seekers who feel nervous when being interviewed. This problem makes them fail to answer correctly. Even, some others decide to tell a lie to interviewers so they can pass this test. Unfortunately, interviewers are smart, they know wheather job seekers tell truth or lie. They decide to eliminate job seekers who cannot answer the questions well or tell the truth. Therefore, answer all questions as well as possible. If you are nervous, calm down yourself and think positively so you don’t answer questions as you like. Furthermore, if you don’t know what the answer is, don’t pretend that you know the questions or don’t tell a lie for passing this test. Realize that you will be eliminated if you do this.

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Don’t Choose Pilot School Carelessly If You Don’t Want to… December 8, 2015

To achieve the profession as a pilot, surely it must first be educated in school pilot. Of course, through education prospective pilots can learn to train yourself not to be afraid of heights, studying a series of tools plane including learning how to take off, emergency landing, overcoming the turbulence, and others associated with the world of aviation, so that when applying for or received physical and mental work is ready to carry out responsibilities as a pilot. Talking about the pilot profession that must first be achieved with a pilot undergoing school education, if you want to persevere? If so, be sure not to select the pilot schools at random. Find a lot of information from various news sources, either via television or the Internet to be able to choose the right pilot schools. If not, it is not possible negative things like this you will experience:

TransPac Aviation Academy graduation. (PRNewsFoto/TransPac Aviation Academy)

The quality of learning is not satisfactory

Without looking at schools with a good reputation could be the quality of learning undertaken also unsatisfactory. For example, a relatively minimal amount of training aircraft so that the cadet pilots had to queue to get their turn to fly. Likewise for the simulator, how can the cadets get an idea of the maximum if the already existing simulator can not function properly and the numbers are only slightly. In addition, it is also related to the instructor, the instructor when lack of discipline certainly the material obtained is also relatively small and certainly the cadet to lose. Keep in mind that, poor quality of learning will certainly affect the quality of learning outcomes obtained. Therefore, do not try selecting pilot schools with random if you do not want to experience such things.

Licenses less support

Each school also has the advantages of each, one of them a license. License is in the form of a certificate for a permit to fly(or can also be regarded as a driver’s license when the vehicle on the ground). Each school must offer a variety of license, but the license offered generally different. Therefore, selecting pilot schools that had higher license, why not.

  1. PPL (Private Pilot Licence) to fly a single-engine aircraft, such as jets and helicopters.
  2. CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) has allowed pilots to fly commercial aircraft, with a minimum requirement already pocketed 200 hours of flying to get this license.
  3. IR (Instrument Rating) as a complement to CPL license, but the license is more credible IR pilot to fly the aircraft even in cloudy weather.
  4. MER (Multi-Engine Rating) pilot can already be trusted to fly a plane with multiple engines in which the second flight the engine must be balanced. But interestingly, the MER license in addition to working in the airline pilots could also be an instructor at flight schools.

Obtaining higher license certainly better, is not it? Of course because of job opportunities will be more wide open. Fatal, if you choose a school at random or not to consider it from the beginning, it is not possible at the school that you choose only offer licenses PPL and CPL, while for IR and MER should continue to fly outside of school hours.

A relatively longer duration of education

In addition to the quality of learning that is not satisfying and less supportive license, which also will be a regret when selecting pilot schools with random duration of education is relatively longer. If the duration of education adopted for 1.5 years, would be a loss than can be reached in just over 1 year, because in half a year when it is already working in the airline would have been able to generate a salary in the amount of tens of millions of Indonesian rupiah and the exact number of hours fly also been increased. That is why it is said will hurt when selecting pilot schools regardless of the duration of education carefully.

In addition to some of the above, the cost of education will also be problematic when choosing schools in vain. It could be more costly, while such waivers can be repaid and the loan is not obtained. In fact, the system of loan repayments or school fees could be lighter. Thus, in order that no one chose the pilot schools are advised to look at the review of the flight school in advance to obtain the right school.

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Tips on Maintaining Health to Pass Medical Test at Flight School November 21, 2015

pilot school.jpg2Seeing the pilot profession with a lucrative income, it makes a lot of people interested to reach it. Moreover, jobs in the airline is relatively large, would be a good opportunity to acquire careers in the future. Not surprisingly, competition for increasingly stringent pilot school entrance, especially if the pilot schools are also subsidized or quality.

The more competitors, it will be less likely to be admitted to a cadet pilot. Therefore, only a handful of the many applicants are accepted. Acceptance of the cadet pilot itself is generally done through a variety of tests, both written and unwritten. However, the record in this case is as difficult as any test that followed the main condition is to be able to pass the physical to be healthy. It is said that because of physical illness when the body certainly will not be the focus in the following test, for example, in working on the problems because it is possible the value could fall. Therefore, maintaining health into one extremely important point to note in order to pass the entrance test pilot school.

Get enough sleep

Habits often stayed up late can make the mind distracted and restless, and even cause headaches because of breaks for the body is not fulfilled. In addition, blood pressure was also sometimes become unstable so that it can trigger the failure to take the test because of the condition of the body that do not support. Therefore, it is necessary enough sleep before and when tested. Proper sleep time can be started from 9 pm after evening prayers and study up at 5 o’clock in the morning call to prayer at dawn fitting. Within 8 hours of sleep is a normal time to obtain good health. You can set an alarm to remember bedtime in order to carry out these activities on a regular basis.

Prioritize healthy eating

One in the entrance test is the test pilot school MedEx (medical examination). MedEx test is a medical test that is devoted to prospective pilots, which covers the outside of health such as the eyes, ears, nose, teeth, throat, body posture, and health tests for example the inside of the heart, lungs, and liver. In order to pass the course the body should be in good shape one way to prioritize a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals such as those found in fruits and vegetables. Also, avoid the pattern of eating junk food or fast food because it is not good for health. In fact, if you frequently consume alcoholic beverages be sure to avoid it because of the test system is done in a clean MedEx assisted by advanced technology so that no matter how small it is possible the disease will be discovered.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can help reduce toxins in the body through sweat so that it can avoid obesity and reduce bad cholesterol. With exercise can also improve blood circulation and improve sleep quality is not surprising that the body becomes more fit when frequent exercise. Sports that should not be done routinely every day, quite 3- 5 times a week in accordance with the body’s ability. In order to be excited in the exercise, select the type of sport that is favored and is able to be done so that maximum results.

Entrance test pilot school was not easy but also not to be feared. Just need preparation, both in terms of academic and physical health in order to graduate and be able to achieve the ideals of being a reliable pilot.

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